Business Incubator

The Ellensburg Business incubator, providing a place to grow and nourish businesses during their early years.

Getting a new business started and off the ground can be a challenge even in the best of economic times. Understanding this, the City of Ellensburg built the Ellensburg Business Incubator in 1989 to offer new and expanding businesses a place to grow. Later in 1994 the City created the Ellensburg Business Development Authority (EBDA) to operate the incubator and provide economic development assistance to businesses throughout the City of Ellensburg. Over the 20 plus years the Ellensburg Incubator has been in existence there have been dozens of businesses that have passed through the doors. Incubator Graduates include businesses such as Quinns, Wood Products Northwest, Purity SoapWorks, Black Horse laundry and most recently The Iron Horse Brewery.

With recent graduations the EBDA now has space available in their incubator which is located at 1000 N. Prospect St. and zoned light industrial. The space is reserved for newly formed, expanding or start-up businesses that need light industrial space and would like to take advantage of the incubator program.


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One of the services offered through the Incubator Program is technical assistance, which includes assistance on a wide range of topics such as understanding financials, marketing, business planning, industry research, local state and federal assistance, regulatory compliance, and more. Others are access to mentors, lending, and rent that starts well below the current market rates. The program is structured in a way that allows a business owner to get assistance without interference in the management of their business. The idea is to help take some of the risk out of starting a business or helping to take an existing business  to the next level.

If you would like more information on the EBDA Business Incubator program or are interested in becoming a tenant at the Ellensburg Business Incubator please contact the EBDA office at 925-2002 or email me at for the complete guidelines and requirements.